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"Krista is amazing!!!  The space is relaxing and cozy and everything from the music to the headrest to the temperature and the eye mask, were perfection.   Her approach was therapeutic and intuitive and she used different massage techniques but the total effect felt fluid and cohesive.  Krista filled the studio with her deep breaths which were relaxing and calming and it reminded me to do the same.  She was present and professional but also kind and easy to connect with.  I appreciated not having to talk during the massage which allowed me to really relax.  I also left feeling like I want to get to know her better because I can tell she is a really cool person. :) in addition to an excellent massage therapist.  I highly recommend her!" 
           - Kim S. 
"Krista is so great. It is easy to go to any massage therapist, tell them what hurts, and have them work on the local, acute pain. But while that helps in the short term, it may not have long lasting effects. By contrast, when I see Krista I am able to tell her what's wrong and she will give those areas special attention, but as always as part of the body as a whole. Oftentimes I forgot how much my body is connected and with her methodical, almost spiritual approach to massage, I can feel tightness and stress being worked out of my body system by system, allowing for longer lasting affects in addition to her great body care tips. It's clear she cares about her clients and she provides great experience that I highly recommend."
          - Shane S.
"Krista gave me one of the best messages I've ever had. She knows how to read the body and deliver exactly you need. I've had quite a few massages and Krista sets the bar extra high. I'm sold and I will be back many times. In fact, it will be hard to go anywhere else after receiving such an amazing treatment from Krista!"
          - Michael K.
"Krista is wonderful!! She listens to what I need before each session and does a perfect job of reading my body during. The massage room is small, comfy, and inviting - you'll want to stay all day! Highly recommend visiting her and treating yourself to some relaxation."
          - Kate C.
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